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Thread: How to fix Blocked portal address on Mag boxes

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    How to fix Blocked portal address on Mag boxes

    The MAG devices are losing the portal settings after updating the device to the latest version of system software and this will not allow the users to add any portal addresses to the device.
    So the event of any blockage by infomir, you can use the below methods to unblock your MAG devices.

    In this guide, we will teach you how to downgrade the system software to a version that works with IPTV portals or install an image file that brings back the portal settings and IPTV channels via a USB drive if your device is blocked by infomir and you are no longer able to receive any IPTV channels.

    Important notice: You must TURN OFF the AUTO UPDATE feature for your MAG device. We canít stress this enough. Auto update feature must be turned off from the settings, otherwise, it will cause problems.

    Blocked devices by infomir (MAG 250-254-256-322-324)

    If your device is blocked by infomir, you can use the below noblock image files to restore your access to IPTV channels again.
    Start by downloading the image file based on your device model via the links below and copy it inside a USB flash drive. Important note: Make sure that the USB flash drive has a decent quality and the storage capacity is less than 16 GB.

    Depending on your Mag Model download bellow.
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